Vertical Reflective Questioning

Vertical Reflective Questioning  (VRQ) is a profound, advanced coaching technique that has helped thousands of people make rapid, permanent, and real change!

Vertical Reflective Questioning is different because...

  1. It is a results-oriented and client-focused way of inquiry. It gives clients total freedom in which to explore their unique needs and truth without any outside influence.
  2. It helps clients evaluate and draw important conclusions, which empower them to make more discerning choices about how to wisely proceed in work and life.
  3. It directs clients to the root cause of their limitations and how they undermine their success.
  4. When these root causes are revealed fully, they actually support clients to make important adjustments easily.
  5. Implementing these adjustments renews and propels client’s forward at an unprecedented pace, finally getting the traction they desire without backsliding.
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials

Through Vertical Reflective Questioning, you will ...

  • Understand yourself and your motivation.
  • Be inspired to wisely adjust how to respond and conduct your work and life
  • Achieve greater clarity and move forward at a steadfast pace
  • Become resilient and resourceful regardless of life’s circumstances
  • Gain a stronger ability to problem-solve and resolve conflicts with ease
  • Develop outstanding effectiveness, excellence, and integrity in all ways
  • Gain the confidence and capacity to create the work and life you truly love!
“I greatly appreciate the grounded, engaged, and clear approach of moving towards self-reflection and mastery that is working with Chārutā within Vertical Reflective Questioning.  I have found, with her support, I am able to form a plan and create movement away from being 'stuck' towards improvement—often surprised at how quickly and effectively her style of coaching creates change. I am blessed our paths have crossed. I would highly recommend Chārutā to anyone seeking expansion in clarity and a fruitful life.”
Erica Burns
Health Info. Management, Monroe, WA