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Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials

Elle Verea

“Working with Chārutā is nothing short of magic. Hard, practical, results-driven magic. I had been in traditional therapy for years without ever overcoming the issues I had gone in for compulsive eating, social anxieties, low self-esteem. After working with Chārutā for just a few months, I found that I had become more adventurous, less fearful about connecting with other humans, and my decades-old disordered eating habits had nearly vanished. Chārutā brought wise guidance, vast empathy, kindness and support for me every step of the way. Through her, I've experienced what I was hoping for—true change for the better.

Freelance Writer, Longmont, CO

Bruno Dealmeida

"Chārutā listens with her ears and heart. She knows we have nowhere to be except right here, right now. That is how present she is for me. Now that is a mighty gift!"

Licensed Massage Therapist, Bellingham, WA

Rosana Vidal

"A dear friend recommended me to Chārutā's coaching after having successfully completed a program herself.  I found my months of coaching with Chārutā moved me forward in leaps and bounds, mentally and spiritually, regarding important questions I had in my life. I gained clarity, focus, and greater ease with myself as I am, rather than trying to force myself in big and small ways to be something I'm not. I am very grateful and would recommend Chārutā to anyone who is seeking lasting, positive change and guidance with a lovely human being who is a pleasure to work with.”

Marketing Executive, New York City, NY

Sergio Furer

"I own and operate a small business and I have been working with Chārutā for the past few months. The work that she does is simply amazing! Reflective Coaching has helped me tremendously in my business and personal life. It helped me identify old patterns that were holding me back and allowed me to become more aware and change them quickly with lasting results. Thank you so much Chārutā! I highly recommend Reflective Coaching if you want to move forward in your business."

Professional Photographer, Longmont, CO

Jana Kochinz

“Chārutā is a person of integrity and honesty. We met at a time in my life when I needed support desperately as I was going through a messy divorce after 27 years of marriage! She helped me get to the core of the issues faster than any counseling I have ever done. She kept me on task and supported me to discover all that is the possibility of my life. I found my own answers to my concerns and am carving out my new, true path. The future is exciting.

What I really appreciate about Chārutā is that she worked hard on overcoming her own issues so she’s been there, in her own way, and therefore knows how to be present for me. You will not regret working with Chārutā and I know for certain you will get SO MUCH more than you signed up for!”

Human Resources Manager, Bellingham, WA

Angela Dutton

"It is said that blessings happen when you most need them. For me, Chārutā is such a gift. With the technique of Reflective Questioning, she has helped me untangle a lifetime of limiting perceptions. I am now on a more wholesome path of my own making. I could not have done this without Chārutā and her gentle support. The process is amazing, exciting and truly transformative. I highly recommend Chārutā."

Retired Head Montessori Director, Boulder, CO

Agatha Moya

“I first reached out to Chārutā during a time of transition with my work. I was retiring and I felt scared and uncertain. Her gentle, yet wise and knowledgeable guidance each week, helped me to begin to see clarity and let go of anxieties. She allowed me to reach my own conclusions, just by asking the simple question...."why?". She helped me to build my self-confidence and resilience. In the end, it set me free; I was able to see obstacles along the way and know what I needed to do to remove them. Her genuine caring, skill, patience and deep wisdom have made her the best coach I have ever worked with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chārutā!”

Retired Social Worker, Longmont, CO

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi