A subject-expert coach is an expert in a particular subject. If for example a client is starting a business and looking to turn that business into a Fortune 500 company, it may be wise for that person to hire a coach that is a CEO of an established fortune 500 company. Another example of a subject-expert coach would be a coach for project managers. If a person is leading a large project and specifically needing support in project management, it may be best for them to hire an expert in project management. Other examples include relationship coaches, executive coaches, mid-life coaches, grief coaches, conflict-resolution coaches, communication coaches, etc.

These subject-expert coaches should be trained extensively in their area of expertise. In addition, they should have years of experience and success in that area as well. I would want my relationship coach to be profoundly happy in their long-lasting relationship or my executive coach to have once been a highly effective executive themselves for years.

At times, subject-expert coaches can be mentors and consultants because they have the expertise to do it. There is a wealth of benefit in working with someone who has “been there, done that.” They can support clients in what to do and how to do it specifically, and they can share their vast experience and wisdom gained the hard way, theoretically saving their client from such tribulations as well.  

By contrast, a process-expert coach is a master with process. These coaches can assist a wide range of clientele because their expertise is in processes that support their clients to get unstuck, find the root causes of their concerns, gain tremendous clarity and create their own solutions.

The process expert coach receives advanced training and has extensive experience in a particular process that they use and trust to support their clients' success and healing. Examples of known processes, broader than coaching, include yoga, guided meditations, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), hypnotherapy, and Reflective Questioning. The goal of the process-expert coach is to use a tried and true process to guide their clients to their own results.

These coaches refrain from giving advice, consulting or mentoring because they lack expertise in a particular area.  Because of this, it forces clients to solve their own concerns. This creates lasting empowerment and resilience in the face of aversion. Like the old saying, “better to teach someone how to fish than to give them a fish.”

Neither style of coaching is inherently “better” than the other, it depends on the needs of the client. As a process expert, my clients have ranged tremendously from elite executives to small business owners in a variety of industries, to people going through life transitions such as a breakup, layoff, retirement or move, to individuals dealing with great interpersonal concerns such as overeating, PTSD, lack of confidence or direction in life. The quality they have in common after coaching with me is a profound ability to move forward in their lives or businesses no matter what circumstances. This is thanks to the power of Vertical Reflective Questioning® (VRQ), the advanced coaching technique I use. 

Prior to training extensively in this profound process, I was a client of it for many years. I know this process intimately, from the inside out, and how challenging and equally life-changing it is.  It altered the course of my entire life and made business success possible.  I am privileged to have successfully assisted hundreds of clients to achieve their goals because of VRQ.

Still in need of a subject-expert coach?  I happen to be a subject expert in one field—health & wellness—specifically in creating and sustaining a successful bodywork practice. I’ve successfully owned and operated three massage therapy businesses in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. I know what it is like to be at the beginning with no clientele, to be an introvert and resist “normal” marketing and networking, and how to transform these obstacles to achieve great success.  

If you are a healer needing to start their own business or uplevel the one you already have you get a twofer working with me.  For everyone else, the process of Vertical Reflective Qustioning® is more than enough.  I guarantee!