Chārutā AhMaiua, CPC, CVRQ

A New Kind of Coaching!

Imagine—accelerated, permanent change that actually gives you the lasting results you want in your work and life...rapidly.  This kind of coaching is not for the faint of heart.  

About Chārutā

Chārutā uses a revolutionary, advanced inquiry feature known as Vertical Reflective Questioning with her clients.  With this powerful, client-centered, results-driven feature, Chārutā has supported hundreds of clients from all over the world in achieving unprecedented success and profound satisfaction in their work and lives.

She works with small business owners, especially entrepreneurs, people in a major life transition—a move, a breakup, a layoff, a career change, etc.—and those who lack clarity and direction with their next business or life step.  Chārutā's clients are amazing in their own right, completely whole, and already powerful, so why do they still coach with her? 

Because no matter how successful one is, there is always room for improvement.  No matter how advanced a person is in one area of life, they almost always have a limitation or blind spot in another, and that blind spot prevents them from achieving the results they want.  You already know this, which is why you are here reading.

What if that limitation was revealed and then completely removed, poof, no longer there?  That would be incredible.  You would be unstoppable!  That is what Chārutā does with Vertical Reflective Questioning.  She believes in this pragmatic feature so much that she gives away one free mini session in every single consultation and has a money-back guarantee for anyone who chooses a program with her.  

Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials


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Where to Begin:
Trina Hoefling
“Chārutā helped me gain much-needed clarity about a professional direction I needed to take but was stopping myself. She is a master of the Reflective Questioning process, which is an awesome process that helped me break through internal barriers I was creating for myself. I love knowing that Chārutā is available to question me whenever I need the extra facilitation. I move forward more bravely because I know she is right there to provide and assist when I need it.”
Trina Hoefling, Executive Coach & Author
"There are several things about Chārutā's work that are unique. The biggest for me is her ability to be present with whoever she is working with. I find her to be extremely trustworthy and full of love and compassion. I would recommend her work to anyone and everyone." that I love!"
John Farrell, SI Bodywork Practitioner
Valencia, Spain
John Farrell
How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank