Client Investment

What is your life, your peace and your business success worth?  My clients agree to customized programs because lasting, permanent change begins with having skin in the game.  

Individual Coaching Programs

Single Discovery Session:

This is best for when a person feels blocked, confused or afraid. Clients will understand the cause of their concern and how to correct it in just one session!  For new clients, this is a great starting point.  After this first full session, clients know if Reflective Coaching is for them.  All new clients receive 30% off their first single discovery session. 

Attune Program:

6 sessions facilitated once per week for 6 weeks or twice a month for 3 months. This program is best for those who want to tackle one big concern without a longer coaching time commitment.  It is also effective for former clients who have already completed an Essential or Extensive program, who took time off and now wish to jump back in with something new. 

Essential Program:

12 sessions facilitated weekly, bi-monthly or a combination (weekly at first and then bi-monthly) for 3 to 6 months. This is ideal for people needing to tackle a complex concern and those brand new to coaching with me.  Whatever the intention for coaching is, clients will be well on their way to releasing the old and firmly establishing the new way forward in just 12 sessions! All new clients receive $50 off this program.

Extensive Program:

20 sessions facilitated weekly at first, then bi-monthly and sometimes monthly for up to one full year. This program is best for accelerating complete and lasting change or to tackle any concern that is layered, complex and/or extremely deep. It is also appropriate for anyone needing ongoing support, such as a busy executive, an entrepreneur or anyone in a major life transition.  This program is the best value. Clients save $250 with this program and new clients receive an additional $100 off—that's $350 saved!

Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials
Education & Credentials


Getting Started

  1. We set up a free 45-minute consultation.
  2. Clients fill out a secure short form about their intentions and goals for coaching. Your information is private and secure.
  3. We decide if a single discovery session is appropriate based on our consultation. If yes, all new clients receive 30% off this first session.
  4. If that first full session is as effective as I promise, the client will choose a program that best fits their needs and financial ability. Upon request, I offer payment installments at no additional cost as well as a few partial scholarships for coaching programs per year.
  5. Clients schedule the first, second and third coaching sessions in their new program!
  6. Voila! Clients embark on theri unique and powerful journey into rapid, profound and lasting change with Vertial Reflective Coaching.
“Thank you Chārutā for being a guide, a coach, and a mentor. Hands down this beautiful woman believes in true authentic healing. She walks the walk. Highly recommended!!!”
Karen Howeth, Massage Therapist

Program Pricing

If you have never worked with me before, your first session is 20% off! 

If after this initial session you wish to continue with an Essential program (12 sessions), you will receive an additional $50 off or with an Extensive program (20 sessions), you will receive an additional $100 off!

Single Discovery Session - $150

Attune - 6 sessions - $830 (Save $40 or $138 per session)

Essential - 12 sessions - $1,615 (Save $125 or $134 per session)

Extensive - 20 sessions - $2,650 (Save $250 or $132.50 per session)

Customized payment plan of 3 monthly installments are available as needed upon request at no additional cost.

If you are in need of coaching for a lesser rate, please ask about my limited financial aid scholarships (reserved for students, the newly self-employed, the recently laid off, or those experiencing financial hardship).