Frequently Asked Questions

What is and is not professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a dynamic, evolving and thought-provoking process in which the client and coach partner to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. It focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and catalyzing personal transformation. A fundamental difference between professional coaching and other mental health care professionals is that coaches honor the client as creative, resourceful and whole already.

With this as their foundation, coaches motivate and inspire personal and professional success, support clients in their Self-discovery, provide active listening and reflection for client’s clarity, draw forth client-generated solutions and strategies and support clients in becoming responsible and accountable.

As coaches, we refrain from diagnosing, fixing, prescribing medications, having our own agendas about what is best for clients, giving personal or professional advice, working directly to process past “wounds” or extreme traumas, or thinking we are an expert of our client' lives.

      Why do people hire coaches?

      Professionals and individuals hire coaches because they desire to thrive in new and profound ways. Some clients are undergoing a period of great transition (a divorce, a career change, a move) and need additional expert and caring support. Others feel mostly content in their lives but are stuck in one way or another (for example, they love their work lives but have difficulties in relationships or vice versa, they love their home lives but are unhappy in their careers). Still, others feel a deep longing to become more and just don’t quite know how to get there. The common theme among people who seek out coaching is usually a strong desire and will to take their lives or their careers to the next level and reach greater heights.

      Why should I hire you?

      Before I ever entertained the notion of being a coach for others I underwent my own intensive coaching with the very same process I offer to others now.  I know what it is like to be at the beginning of a business without so much as a single client.  I also know what it is like to be knocked down by life and have to pick up the pieces.  I am incredibly passionate about watching brilliance emerge and know how to get out of the way in order to let yours shine. I love what I do, in part because of what this style of coaching made possible for me.   For more information about my formal training, please visit About Chārutā.

      Why do you work over the phone instead of in person?

      In my mentor Marianne’s 25 years of doing this work in various capacities, she found working over the phone to be far superior to in-person sessions. This is because in the privacy of one’s own home, there is solitude and usually more comfort. A familiar environment encourages relaxation and openness, qualities necessary for deep transformation. In addition, there is no rushing to an appointment, fighting traffic or being in someone else’s environment while being vulnerable. Furthermore, it provides the ability to work with distant clients, nationally and internationally.

      Is there as much connection over the phone as there is in person?

      Absolutely! A genuine connection is due to the quality of presence available and not the physical location of people. In fact, most clients say there is actually more connection over the phone. This is because the client and the coach are connecting genuinely, in the now, voice to voice, with no visible distractions. This allows clients to focus and go deep within themselves in order to find their own answers rapidly. It is the process of going within that is the foundation for transformation and this, inner process is best achieved in one’s own safe, quiet environment.

      Why is Vertical Reflective Questioning so effective?

      Vertical Reflective Questioning is a transformative feature that gives clients total freedom in which to explore their unique needs and truth. It directs them to the root cause of their limitation and how it undermines their success. With this understanding, clients recognize how it limits them and many of their endeavors, which consequently helps them to easily determine the adjustments they are ready to make.  Implementing these adjustments renews and propels clients forward at an unprecedented pace. Click this link for more about Vertical Reflective Questioning.

      What should prospecive clients expect?

      Initially, prospective clients will schedule a 30-45-minute free consultation. During this time, we determine if we are the proper fit.  We discuss goals and intentions and actually do a mini coaching session.  If that consultation was helpful, we move forward with one full initial session for 30% off.  If that session is as effective as I have promised, a client will then choose a customized program that best fits their needs and goals.  Customized payment options are available as well.  Visit Client Investment for more information.  

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